Tips for Choosing the Perfect Walker

Photo of a four-wheeled walkerMobility in and outside of the home is an important part of your daily life. Choosing a mobility aid such as a walker offers both independence and safety. At ACG Medical Supply, we offer a wide variety of walker styles to suit every need and preference. 

Wheel Options

Rolling walkers come in two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four-wheeled styles to help you move forward easily. Two-wheeled walkers are better for those who need more support, while a four-wheeled walker allows for faster movement if you don’t need assistance balancing. If you have trouble balancing or are worried about falls, you may wish to purchase a walker without wheels for maximum stability.

Grip Style

You have a few options when choosing the grips you’d like on your walker. Many grips are made from a standard molded plastic, but can be sized differently to accommodate your hands. If you have trouble with arthritis, choose a larger grip style for comfort. Foam or cloth grip covers can provide added security if your hands tend to sweat or you are worried about slipping.

Accessories and Supplies

A variety of accessories can further customize your walker. Attachable trays allow you to transport items such as food and drinks without carrying them. Pouches and baskets offer convenient locations for books, wallets, and glasses. You may also be able to purchase a convertible seat to turn your walker into a chair whenever you need it. Other items you should consider are any supplies you need to maintain your walker. Clean and check your walker regularly for damage or wear. Contact ACG Medical, if you encounter any parts in need of replacement.

Every time you call ACG Medical Supply at 1-844-463-0737, you will speak with a live representative over the phone to address your problems and questions. Whether you need a walker, scooter, wheelchair, or other mobility aid, we are here to help you regain your independence and improve your quality of life.