The lymphedema compression garments by ACG Medical are engineered to stimulate the blood flow in lymphatic nerves. Ideal for medical conditions like post-surgery recovery, fluid retention, hypertension, and venous reflux. We provide medical-grade premium quality lymphedema support garments for holistic healthcare at home or in medical facilities.

These multi-layered breathable lymphedema compression stockings are soft and true-to-size. Fit for both men and women, the lymphedema compression sleeves stay in place and provide reliable reinforcement to soothe inflamed tissues. They are available in all sizes, to completely cover the affected organ as desired, offering dependable assistance for lymphoedema treatment for the legs. These surgical compression garments put a rhythmic pressure, naturally encouraging the body to detoxify from stagnancy and improve circulation. The compression garments are suitable to wear during day and can be put off at night, or as recommended by the physician. ACG Medical has certfied fitters on staff for questions about how to measure for your garment.

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