Alex Orthopedic Dorsal Night Splint

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Product Overview

Treat plantar fasciitis with tailored dorsiflexion, an anatomically designed forefoot pad and a thermoformed liner for pain relief and maximum comfort. Customize the stretch with the dorsiflexion adjustment strap; optional toe assist strap included to secure toes within the forefoot area. Easily apply with anterior shell design and flexible hinge. Use on right or left foot.


  • Comfortably holds the foot in a therapeutic angle
  • Provide a gentle stretch of the heel throughout the night
  • Helps relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis
  • Puts the foot in a stretched position to heal the plantar fasciitis

Shoe Size

  • Small/Medium: Women-5.5 - 9.5/ Men-5 - 10
  • Large/X Large: Women-10 - 16/ Men-10.5 - 16