Are your Feet in Serious Pain?

Photo of a pair of insolesConsider Insoles for Your Shoes

Ill-fitting, unsupportive shoes can take their toll on your feet, legs, hips, and back. Blisters, aches and pains from walking or exercising can take days to heal. If you have to wear uncomfortable dress shoes to the office, or if your shoes just aren’t right for your feet, a pair of insoles will help you walk more comfortably.

  • The Basics of Insoles - Some shoes don’t have sufficient arch support, while others have no support at all. Your feet rely on proper support to keep you active and pain-free. Insoles are the easiest way to resolve the effects of poor support without buying new shoes. They fit snugly inside your shoe, providing support where you need it the most.
  • Custom-Made Insoles - If you visit your podiatrist, you can have custom insoles made. These insoles are specifically designed to match your foot measurements and correct the problems unique to your gait and feet. Unfortunately, custom-made insoles are a lot more expensive than the store-bought variety.  
  • Heat-Moldable Insoles - Semi-custom insoles begin life as a generic product, and are heated until they become soft enough to mold to your feet. They do not provide as much support as custom orthopedic insoles, but they are more effective than ready-made orthotics and will last six months to a year with normal wear.
  • Basic Insoles - Most drugstores carry gel inserts that promise cushioning or arch support. These insoles make your shoes softer and help your feet, knees, and ankles absorb impact from walking or running. Store-bought insoles tend to be differentiated only by shoe size, and need to be replaced periodically. A few brands can be fitted by medical supply professionals, and offer more targeted support.

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