Bathroom Safety Tips

Photo of commode hand railsThese bathroom safety tips can help you remain safe at home. Some bathroom safety improvements can be made easily while others may require the help of a professional.

  • Install grab bars in the shower or bathtub to assist with getting in and out.
  • Make sure that towel racks, toilet paper holders, and other wall attachments are securely fastened to the wall.
  • Install a handheld adjustable showerhead for easier bathing.
  • Make sure that towels are easily reached from the tub or shower. Toiletries should be near the sink or toilet depending on use.
  • Apply nonskid materials to tub floor or shower stall.
  • Consider a bath bench or shower seat in the tub for added comfort and safety while bathing.
  • Consider an over the toilet commode or raised toilet seat to help with getting on and off the toilet.
  • Remove cleaning products, decorations, and other non-essential items from the bathroom to reduce clutter.
  • Keep medications and health aides in an uncluttered space so they can be easily located and identified.