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Product Overview

The Posey Knitted Heel/Elbow Protectors are designed for patients requiring comfort and/or protection against abrasions from contact surfaces.

  • Flexible sock-like covering helps provide comfort and helps protect against limb friction and shear forces
  • Sewn-in, contoured, soft-open cell foam pad placed at the bony prominences of the heel and elbow for protection
  • Non-compression, expandable knit weave helps promote air circulation
  • Machine washable
  • MD FITS UP TO 11" 
  • LG FITS 11'' - 13.5"
  • XLG FITS 13" - 16"

Fitting guidelines: Knitted Heel/Elbow Protectors are intended to fit as a comfort product. Actual fit will depend on individual anthropometric measurements and patient comfort level. These protectors will stretch up to 30%.

Recommended Use: Patients requiring comfort or at risk for skin irritation.