Types of Ostomy Pouching Systems & Accessories

Pouching systems may include a one-piece or two-piece system. Both kinds include a skin barrier/wafer and a collection pouch. The pouch (one or two-piece) attaches to the abdomen by the skin barrier and is fitted over and around the stoma to collect the diverted output, either stool or urine. The barrier/wafer is designed to protect the skin from the stoma output and to be as neutral to the skin as possible. 

You are not locked into any pouching system. If you are having trouble with any pouch, consult your ostomy nurse, caregiver or ACG Medical Supply at 1-844-463-0737 or send e-mail to Be receptive to trying a different type, or brand, of pouching system.

Types of Accessories

You may want or need to purchase certain pouching accessories. The most common items are listed below:

  • Ostomy Belts - can be used to help support the pouch or as an alternative to adhesives if skin problems develop. 
  • Pouch Covers - made with a cotton or cotton-blend backing, easily fit over the pouch and protect and comfort the skin. 
  • Skin Barrier Liquid/Wipes/Powder - help protect the skin under the wafer and around the stoma from irritation caused by digestive products or adhesives. They also aid in adhesion of the wafer. Use powder to treat dermatitis then seal with a light coating of medical adhesive spray.
  • Skin Barrier Paste - can be used to fill in folds or surface irregularities of the abdominal wall behind the wafer, thereby creating a better seal. Paste is used as a "caulking" material; it is not an adhesive.
  • Tapes - are sometimes used to help support the wafer and for waterproofing. They are available in a wide range of materials to meet the needs of different skin sensitivities.
  • Adhesive Remover - may be helpful in cleaning the adhesive that might stick to the skin after removing the wafer or tape, or from other adhesives.

ACG Medical Supply stocks a large variety of ostomy products and many of them may not be listed. If you do not see a particular product or size listed, please call our store at 1-844-463-0737, or send e-mail to