What You Need to Know About Bathroom Safety

Photo of a bath chairFor a senior, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous areas of the home. Wet floors can cause slips and falls, while using tubs, showers, and toilets may be difficult without assistance. There are a variety of bathroom supplies that can improve the safety of your bathroom for independence and peace of mind.

Tub and Shower Safety

Getting into and out of the tub poses a significant fall risk for seniors. Install tub rails and hand grips to assist you when getting into and out of your tub or shower. Check regularly to ensure grips and towel bars are in good repair and bolted securely to the wall. Supplies such as non-slip mats and bathtub or shower benches provide added stability and safety while bathing. If you need further assistance getting into and out of your tub, consider installing a mechanical bath lift.

Toilet Safety

Toilets become progressively more difficult to use as you age. Hand grips on either side of your toilet minimize dangers when sitting or standing. Use non-slip mats around the toilet area for improved stability. Other safety options include using a raised toilet seat or over-the-toilet commode so you don’t have as far to go up or down when using the toilet.

Medication Safety

Many people keep medications in the bathroom. Store all your medications in well-labeled, water-tight containers on a shelf or in a cabinet where they cannot be disturbed by children or pets. Keep only what you need on a regular basis, as clutter can make it difficult to locate the right medication and easy to mix up your options, leading to health hazards. Never keep medications in the same location as cleaning supplies or other chemicals.

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