Which Pillow Option is Best for You?

Photo of a stack of pillowsMost people understand the tremendous benefits of having a good night’s sleep. Fewer individuals may realize the role that their pillow can play in helping them achieve the rest they need. For as many sleeping positions as can be conjured up, there are that many pillows to accommodate them. Below are three standard sleeping positions that many people relax into as they doze off and the pillow type that can best facilitate their slumber.

  • Pillows For Back Sleepers

The purpose of a pillow is to enable your body to assume a neutral position that doesn’t put any undue stress on the neck area. If you tend to sleep on your back, you’re already helping your body to do this. To minimize the chances of having your head support push your head too far forward, invest in a relatively flat pillow. This will allow your head to comfortably rest while keeping your neck and shoulders in alignment. To boost your pillow’s supportive attributes, look for one that offers extra cushioning in the area that sits directly below your cervical area.

  • Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

Are you the opposite of a back sleeper? Plenty of people love to sleep on their stomachs, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a different pillow. Like back sleepers, you require a flat pillow to negate any extra push on your neck and head area.

  • Pillows For Side Sleepers

Side sleeping may feel comfortable to those who engage in it night-after-night, but without the proper support, this position may be putting additional pressure on your neck. To neutralize the side effects that can arise from being a side sleeper, get a cushiony pillow that can provide enough support to eliminate the space between your shoulders, neck, and bed. Women who are expecting may also want to consider a pillow to put behind their back or between their legs to alleviate additional body stress.

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