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Product Overview

Regular Standard Material Scooter Cover
33”H x 18”W x 55”L
Circumference: 146”

  • Our Standard Material Scooter Covers are made of 400-denier nylon with a urethane backing and DWR outer coating provides great protection from the elements for your vehicle.
  • Light-weight for individuals with dexterity issues or are limited in the amount of weight they can lift.
  • Great for when storing your scooter on the porch or in the garage.
  • Utilizes an elastic draw cord with a cord lock to secure onto your vehicle. Grommets for bungee cords or other tie-down material add extra security.
  • Always secure your cover with bungee cord(s) or other methods when transporting on the roadways. The cover is not intended for highway use without the use of a securing device such as rope or bungee cords (not included) over the top of the cover. This will reduce the amount of excess room under the cover and prevent the cover from billowing up at high speeds. If your cover is flapping excessively at high speeds, the life of the cover will be greatly reduced. Damage to your cover following misuse is not covered under any warranty. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review