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Product Overview

The HurryCane® is the only cane with the SteadiGrip™ design and proprietary pivoting base. So you are able to always maintain an optimal, 3-point-contact, stable support at any angle.


Stability - Three Points of Contact  Traditional canes provide only one point of contact. This small, single point of contact actually concentrates your weight and force, making it denser and much more difficult to balance.

This can make your supportive arm extremely wobbly, leading you to shake the upper cane back and forth in a very dangerous manner which, in turn, can lead to life-threatening falls.

The HurryCane's® SteadiGrip™ design has three lightweight, yet incredibly strong, supportive ‘feet’ that create maximum balance and support. These feet are specifically designed to be all-terrain and have textured grooves that provide non-skid traction for all-terrain activities.

Balance - Proprietary Pivoting Base - Balance at any angle  Traditional canes are typically a single line with a single, very straight, point-of-contact. So as you bend down, rise up, or lean sideways, the only way to maintain contact with your cane is to pivot it on an angle. However, with a traditional cane, putting the flat end at an angle, means even less contact between you and the ground which can ultimately spell disaster!

With the HurryCane's® pivoting base you are able to maintain a point of contact with the cane at all times. Most importantly, the cane is able to maintain constant, full-capacity contact with the ground, providing you full time support at any angle. With the HurryCane® you can finally sit down, get up and even lean, and never have to worry about your cane sliding out in front, back or to the side of you ever again!

Portable and discreet, folds away in seconds  Traditional canes are awkward, long, and difficult to store whether it be temporarily at your table, in your car or even in a suitcase.

The HurryCane® makes traveling and dining out a cinch. In just seconds, your HurryCane® goes from 37½" to as little as 13¾" so it can be easily and effortlessly stored in a suitcase, drawer, glove compartment, or even under a chair. No more clunky canes to hang on chairs or doors. With the HurryCane®, you have ideal support when you need it, and a neat easily stored 13¾" wonder when you don’t.

  • 20% Lighter
  • 40% Stronger
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Adjustable to 8 Heights
  • Withstands up to 350 pound


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